Quick Start


Quick Start

Our story begins with you, the developer. We believe in amplifying you to build and deploy applications at the speed of light. Our mission is to make development 10-100x easier by significantly reducing unnecessary complexity and focusing on what matters most: your story of data. Let's get started.

Get started

First, install our CLI:


brew install asyncy/brew/asyncy

Ubuntu 16+

sudo snap install asyncy --classic

Snap is available on other Linux OS.

Direct from Python

pip install --user asyncy

We strongly recommend using the other installation techniques.

Next, login with your GitHub account:

asyncy login

All done! You're all set to create and deploy apps written in Storyscript.

If you're having trouble logging in via GitHub, please reach out to us.

Write your first Story

Let's create your first application, to be able to check out the samples which are bundled.

mkdir first_app && cd first_app
asyncy apps create

Doing so will create asyncy.yml in the current directory. This file contains metadata about your new app.

We have created a few examples that can help you bootstrap your project: Let's start you off with a simple hello world serverless http endpoint:

asyncy bootstrap http > http.story && cat http.story
when http server listen method: 'get' path: '/' as request
    request write content: 'Hello world!'

Let's deploy this story:

asyncy deploy
Compiling Stories...
Deploying app competent-nash-82.asyncyapp.com... |
√ Version 1 of your app has been queued for deployment

Waiting for deployment to complete... |
√ Deployed successfully!
If your story listens to HTTP requests, visit https://competent-nash-82.asyncyapp.com

✨🍰✨ Congratulations! You have just deployed your first Story!

asyncy deploy will deploy all the stories in your project at once.

See it live!

Check the deployment output. It will indicate where your story was deployed.

Next Checkout our extensive documentation about Storyscript to build powerful applications.

Deploy changes

Ready to redeploy your application? We made it easy and intuitive.

Just run the same deploy command again:

asyncy deploy

✨🍰✨ Your application is now live!

Time to write your story.