Quick Start

Welcome to Asyncy πŸŽ‰ We are very excited to have share our product in early Alpha with you.

Invite Only

The steps below are for users that have requested access to Asyncy Alpha.


In order to start Asyncy Alpha you will need the following services installed.

  1. 🐳 Docker >=18.02 and Docker-Compose >=1.21
  2. 🐍 Python >=3
  3. πŸ˜„ Happiness

Now that you have the dependencies installed, let's install Asyncy.

Install the CLI

To get started install the Asyncy CLI (GitHub)

pip install --user asyncy

Then create a new folder for your project.

mkdir my-first-story && cd my-first-story

Now, login to Asyncy Alpha.

asyncy login

The login will then bootstrap the Alpha environment by pulling the stack and running it. See all commands by running asyncy.


Your first Story

Storyscript is a new programming language, but do not worry, it's built for developers taking favourite features of many languages. You'll see familiar syntax to Python, Ruby, Clojure and Node.

Let's start with some templates. Run the following command to list all story templates.

asyncy bootstrap

Let's choose the http endpoint.

asyncy bootstrap http > hello.story

This will template out a story that registers with Asyncy Gateway. The story looks like this:

http-endpoint method:'get' path:'/' as request, response
    response write 'Hello world!'

Next, commit the changes. Anytime you change your stories you need to commit the changes in git.

git add . && git commit -m 'initial commit :tada:'

Ship it! πŸš€

asyncy deploy

or git push asyncy master

You just deployed your first Story on Asyncy. Nice job! πŸŽ‰

curl http://asyncy.net
Hello world!

The DNS asyncy.net points to localhost πŸ‘

Next, checkout our blog post on writing stories.


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